Notes from the article by Brandon West in Wakingtimes, April 2014

  • Time i just a construct of the universe to keep everything from happening all at once.”  — John Archibald Wheeler.
  • But what if everything IS happening all at once?  Moreover, what if there is no time at all?
  • How can the universe be static and unchanging — when our every experience is of change?
  • The predictions of the equations that are generally accepted by the scientific establishment suggest both that time is an illusion, and that the universe is in fact static.
  • What we perceive as motion is really due to the fact that reality is flashing in and out of existence at a high frequency and that creation is actually disappearing and reappearing, oscillating between form and formlessness at the quantum level innumerable times every second giving the appearance of motion.
  • Therefore, technically things do not move in this universe at all, but appear and disappear in slightly different patterns giving the appearance of motion.  It is not the unified field itself that is blinking, only that which we perceive as solid matter – i.e. particles, nuclei, sub-atomic particles, and the material world.
  • So, on the quantum theoretical level of reality, there really is no motion, but a flashing in and out of existence of creation, yet from our level it appears like fluid motion.  Just like the people on our television screen are not actually moving, but it is the little pixels which flash on and off in coordination with one another so it looks like motion.
  • If we perceive the universe from the level of the unified field, imagine that the unified field contains everything, and that all of creation and all of the past and future is holographically encoded within the unified field, and that all exists simultaneously, encoded within the structure of the vacuum.
  • In other words, creation arose out of this unified field in the form of subatomic particles, particles, atoms, and electrons, and nuclei, which are all just a form of condensed energy — formless energy condensed into form as the universe flashes in and out of existence, but nothing is solid.
  • Einstein said:  “What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.  There is no matter.”
  • All reality, all time, and all motion is merely the result of consciousness in motion.  
  • There is no motion in the physical world.  This has been proven to us by quantum physicists when they discovered that reality is flashing in and out of existence.  There are only holographic images which change as the consciousness expands and contracts into itself.
  • What if the flow of the unified field within the universe is itself the mechanism which causes reality to flash in and out of existence, and moreover which determines the flow of time?  This means also that all consciousness is an extension of universal consciousness — the unified field — and that as the unified field expands and contracts all other consciousness is brought along for the ride.
  • All of creation and all activity in creation is the result o consciousness interacting within consciousness, creating consciousness, and only because we all share a common consensus of reality (for the most part) does time arise at all on our planet.
  • The unified field:  the unified field is the vacuum structure which is theoretically expanding and collapsing through Nassim Haramein’s black whole dynamics, but it is not technically moving. 
  • It is my contention that all of time is the result of the rotation of consciousness at the level of the unified field, and that tie is completely relative determined by its own perceptual location and scalar dimension (level of consciousness) with which it observes reality from.
  • What we call time is an arbitrary division of the cycles we are experiencing based off of the cyclical rate of change that we are experiencing on this level of reality.
  • In other words, it is merely a matter of perception.  If we were in a void there would be no time because not only would there be no cycles to gauge time by, but there would be no objects to determine motion with. 
  • The unified field, which is consciousness, is expanding and contracting, and because we are that consciousness incarnated in a slightly denser level of reality, in the classical world, we can view that change.
  • Einstein:  “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy, this is physics.”
  • Everything has consciousness because everything is  consciousness.
  • At the level of the unified field which all emanates from we are all infinite consciousness. 
  • What all consciousness does is radiate (create) and then ove back towards itself through creation.
  • The universe is an infinite hologram, and we are just passing through and the image appears to be changing, but it is not.  We are just seeing what was encoded all along as we eternally shift our perspective.
  • Between your thoughts is a silence which is the unified field. 
  • Nothing new is created, for it is already present within the field. 







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