I’m a Genteel Lady of a Certain Age.  OK, that’s a lie, the Genteel part, but I am of a Certain Age,  an American ex-pat living in the central highlands of Mexico with The Love of My Life and two dogs,(Jake and Schultz), a tabbycat,(Baby), and two parakeets, a yellow one appropriately named Sol, and a blue one named … what else?… Luna.

I have family, of course, three daughters and 7 grandchildren.  They all live in the US where they seem to be thriving.  It’s the vitamins.  I’m pretty sure it is the vitamins.

Sometimes I have ideas.  Sometime I have opinions.  Sometimes I have  sermons  stronger opinions. This is where I express what I am thinking about.  That would suggest there is thinking involved.  That is not always true.

For a look at what I am reading and what I think about it,  you can go to What Has Been Read Cannot Be Unread

And if you have a desire to see what other cra  stuff is rumbling around inside my head, you can go to Chaos Amidst the Rubble.


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